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Columbia & Springfield Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

The Columbia & Springfield, MO workers’ compensation lawyers at Allen, Nelson & Wilson have the experience and drive to help you get proper compensation for your injuries no matter what background you come from. Since 1978, Truman E. Allen focuses his practice on representing people who have suffered injuries, including all types of work injuries. The firm tackles every case with personal dedication and the utmost care.

Understanding your case

When injuries pile up, or when one injury is very serious, you may not be able to work at your former level of employment again. Establishing permanent disability status requires a thorough understanding of your injuries and how medical experts will analyze your case. Whether the case concerns carpal tunnel, knee injuries, back injuries, head injuries, repetitive motion or occupational diseases, it is important that your attorney take the time to understand your situation and help you thoroughly prepare for any hearings or questioning you will face.

The Benefit of Experience

Truman E. Allen and L. Timothy Wilson spent a combined 33 years serving as judges for the State of Missouri, where they presided over workers’ compensation cases. In addition, Benjamin B. Nelson has more than 10 years of experience representing the injured and disabled. Our attorneys have analyzed countless medical files and doctor reports and know how to properly present the key medical evidence that can make or break a case for workers’ compensation. The attorneys at Allen, Nelson & Wilson know which strategies work in real life and which do not. This unique experience and familiarity with the negotiation process, as well as injury trial tactics, ensures your case will be handled correctly.

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